This component makes your item armor, reducing all or certain types of damage dealt to the player. Sadly, this component also implies durability.

Component Armor Fields

tabletagscontains strings; when "tags" is there, but no tag matches attackers (or weapons) tags, the armor doesn't do anything.
functionontakedamageFires when the armor is used. Args: inst, dmg_total, dmg_absorbed, dmg_leftover
functiononfinishedFires when the armor breaks. Args: none

Component Armor Methods

InitConditionamount, absorb_percentnilhow many hits the armor takes, and how well it protects.
SetConditionamountnilsets the current durability.

Component Armor Events

NameDataFires in/when...
percentusedchangepercent (current condition)SetCondition (when the armor loads or takes damage)