This component makes your prefab wearable or holdable. You need a swap anim to get the visual working.

Component Equippable Fields

tuning value (EQUIPSLOTS.[slot])equipslotwhether the item goes on the HEAD or BODY or in the HANDS
booleanequipstackUsed for blowdarts
booleanisequippedcheck whether the item is active.
functiononequip,onunequipFires when taken/put away. Usually used to change the appearance of the wearer. Args: inst, owner
functiononpocketfnWhen put into the inventory. Args: inst, owner
booleanwalkspeedmultallows you to change the wearers speed

Component Equippable Events

NameDataFires in/when...
equipped, unequippedowner, slotEquip, Unequip (after the respective function)