This component allows your prefab to┬ábe “frozen” in a block of ice from ice-type attacks. You can use MakeSmallFreezableCharacter(inst, symbol), MakeMediumFreezableCharacter(…) and MakeLargeFreezableCharacter(…) too.

Component Freezable Fields

numberresistancehow often the prefab needs to get hit
numbercoldnesshow much the prefab has been hit already
numberwearofftimehow long it takes to lose a "coldness"
stringstatewhether your prefab is normal, frozen or thawing

Component Freezable Methods

SetResistanceresistnilsets the resistance field
SetDefaultWearOffTimewearofftimenilsets the wearofftime field
AddShatterFXprefab, offset, followsymbolniladds a fancy effect when breaking free
SetShatterFXLevellevel, percentnilsets how big the shatter shall be
SpawnShatterFXnilnilreleases the fancy effects
IsFrozennilbooleansame as freezable.state ~= "NORMAL"
AddColdnesscoldness, freezetimeniltints the prefab and can freeze it
StartWearingOffwearofftimenilreduces coldness over time
UpdateTintnilnilprefabs get blue when close to freezing
Freezefreezetimenilstops the prefab, freezetime is how long it takes to wear off
Unfreezenilnilentirely removes frost
Thawthawtimenilsets the prefab about to break free

Component Freezable Events

NameDataFires in/when...