This component lets your prefab starve over time. That’s the entire game concept in a single component.

Component Hunger Fields

numbermaxhow much fits into the tummy
numberhungerrate, hurtratehow fast one starves
booleanburningtoggle hunger
numberperiodhow often hunger calculates (adjust the rates respectively)
functionredirectOverrides hunger calculations. Args: inst, delta, overtime

Component Hunger Methods

Pause-nilsets "burning" to false
Resume-nilsets "burning" to true
SetMaxvalnilalso fills the belly
IsStarving-booleanwhether the current value is at 0 or below
DoDeltaval, overtime, ignore_invinciblenilchanges the current value by "val", overtime means without blinking
GetPercent-number (percent)current percent of belly filled
SetPercentpercentnilsets the current value in a very crude way
DoDectime, ignore_damagenilupdate over time, "ignore_damage" means whether health is affected
SetRaterate (per second)nilchanges the rate of hunger
SetKillRaterate (per second)nilchanges the rate of starvation

Component Hunger Events

NameDataFires in/when...
hungerdeltaoldpercent, newpercent, overtimeFires after calculations
startstarvingnilFires at the end of DoDelta, if now starving
stopstarvingnilFires at the end of DoDelta, if no longer starving