This component is oddly similiar to Harvestable, but when transplanted, can barren after being picked too often.

Component Pickable Fields

stringproductwhat prefab the prefab produces
numbernumtoharvesthow many products you get for a pick
numberregentimehow long it takes to regrow
numbermax_cycles, cycles_lefthow often the prefab can be picked before barrening
booleancaninteractwithtoggles pickability
booleanquickpickfor when you need it fast and painless
functiononregenfn, onpickedfn, makeemptyfn, makefullfn, makebarrenfn, ontransplantfnFires at those events
stringpicksoundcan declare a sound

Component Pickable Methods

FinishGrowingnilniljumps to the pickable state
Pause,Resumenilniltoggles regrowth
SetUpproduct, regen, numbertoharvestnilDeclare all variables at once!
IsBarrennilbooleanwhether the prefab requires fertilization
MakeBarrennilniljumps to the barren state