This component allows fire (heat) to spread onto and from the prefab (even if it isn’t burnable)

Notice that you can use MakeSmallPropagator(inst) or MakeLargePropagator(inst) for standard propagating (and afterwards change stuff if you want to).

Component Propagator Fields

numberflashpointthe heat level when it "ignites"
numbercurrentheathow hot it is currently
numberdecayratehow much heat gets lost every second
number (distance)propagaterangehow far the fire can spread
numberheatoutputhow much heat the prefab emits every second (when spreading)
booleandamageswhether the fire hurts
number (distance)damagerangehow far the damage reaches
booleanacceptsheatwhether the prefab is influenced by surrounding fire
functiononflashpointfires when flashpoint is reached

Component Propagator Methods

Delaytimenilprevent taking heat for a while
StartSpreading, StopSpreadingnilnilcontrol spread
AddHeatamountnilincrease the current heat
Flashnilnilforce "ignition"