Being an Author

Authors are the second level of our user roles. You are now allowed to publish all pages. Your changes do not need to be reviewed by anyone else. This means we trust you to produce quality content. On the one hand this means formatting your posts in a readable manner. But more important is reviewing the changes of contributors. Their changes should be as good as yours. Of course you cannot know everything about Don’t Starve, that’s why we’re here. Use this checklist as first steps:

  • Are there typos in text, code or tables?
  • Does the text itself make sense?
  • Does it focus the issue?
  • LUA code
    • Is the syntax correct?
    • Is it beginner readable? Prefer easy code, no tricks or sneaky code
    • Is it commented? Snippets without any explanation are useless
  • Does it improve the page? If the issue is already covered, do not approve the changes. We want to focus on information.

If you feel like you can’t say whether some changes are fine or not, simply ask another author!