Modicon tex

Making a mod icon

Make your mod icon using any image editor of your choice. Try to make it relevant to your mod. It’s dimensions (width and height) must be powers of two ( .. 16, 32, 64, 128 .. ). Then follow the steps below to convert your image to a tex file. You will need Matt’s Tex Tools.

  • Run TEXCreator.exe
  • Make sure your settings match these:
    • Pixel format : DXT5
    • Texture type : 2D
    • Mipmap resize filters : default
    • [Generate Mipmaps]: Ticked
    • [Pre-multiply Alpha]: Ticked
  • Click “Add” and browse to your image file
  • Click “Open”. It should be selected and the path will be visible in the “Selected Textures” section. You can convert more than one at a time by multi-selecting them or browsing for more.
  • Type in your desired destination folder, or click the “…” button to browse there.
  • Click “Convert”. The output path(s) will display when it’s completed.