This widget is used to display an image, and as such in many other widgets.

When creating an Image, one can set the atlas and texture straight away:

Widget Image Methods

SetTextureatlas, texnilchanges the image displayed
SetAlphaRangemin, maxnildistorts the brightness of the image (use percent values)
SetMouseOverTextureatlas, texnilthis texture appears when pointed at with the mouse
SetDisabledTextureatlas, texnilthis doesn't matter on its own, but is used externally
SetSizeVector3 or width,heightnilchanges the widget (not image) size (in pixels)
GetSizenilw,hreturns the widget size in pixels
ScaleToSizew,hnilthis actually changes the image too
SetTintr,g,b,anilchanges the hue and/or transparency (values in percent)
SetVRegPoint, SetHRegPointanchornilThese are used to determine the position of the image. probably
OnMouseOver, OnMouseOutnilnilThese functions shouldn't be used by mods, ideally.
OnEnable, OnDisablenilnilToggles the disabled texture and prevents the mouseover texture when disabled
SetEffectfilenilThis is only used by iceover. Unsure what it does
SetEffectParamsparam1 - param4nilnot used, unkown functionality
EnableEffectParamsbooleannilnot used, unkown functionality
SetUVScalexscale, yscalenilnot used, unkown functionality
SetBlendModemodenilchanges the way the image blends with the background (e.g. BLENDMODE.Additive)